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Another basketball show from a fan's perspective, but this time they're Canadian. Keeping you up to date on anything basketball including NBA, NCAA, USports and International Ball. Bringing you an in depth analysis and break downs of the sport. Catch up with Elias, Dave, Fuad, and Will every Sunday live on TSN 1200 at Noon Eastern or listen on demand using any Podcast app you have.

Elias' Name
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Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Elias is a HUGE Lakers fan! Unlike Will's teams, they moved to LA and have been there since 1960. Elias' love for the sport started at a young age and he's just been attached to the sport ever since. A basketball play-by-play announcer and the voice of the Carleton University Ravens Men and Women's basketball teams.

Will's Name
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Born in Vancouver, British Columbia. Will was a huge Grizzlies fan. Unfortunately they moved away. So Will decided to love the Seattle Super Sonics. Unfortunately they also moved away, for some unexplained reason. After these devastating loses, Will decided to love the players and the sport of basketball. Will's college team is the UCLA Bruins (fingers crossed they don't move the campus). However, Will, still has his Shawn Kemp and Bryant Reeves jerseys just in case of a return.

Dave's Name
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Born and raised in Ottawa. Dave's a college basketball fan first and an NBA guy second. Proud member of big blue nation, will follow Calipari anywhere he goes, unless it's Brooklyn. A Milwaukee Buck fan because he felt sorry for the franchise and was spoiled as a Wildcat fan every March.

Fuad's Name
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Fuad is a product of the GOAT and the 90’s Chicago Bulls. Watching the greatness of the Bulls and the greatness that was, and still is, Space Jam, he has been a fan of the game of basketball ever since. He’s our resident social media guy and will be posting on our social media pages on a regular basis. Please do forgive him in advance if you notice too much Bulls love from time to time.